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3Bass project started in 2012, it originally consisted of only live instruments, mostly bass guitars and some guitars. All live instruments are played by me. Since 2014 some virtual tracks also appeared.

As for the genre, it is instrumental music only, a mix of jazz, funk, rock and minimalism.

[2014-07-19] Assembler

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This is the first 3Bass piece, created with virtual instruments - 4 bass guitars:
Scarbee Precision Bass (fingered)
Scarbee Jay Bass (jazz fingered)
Prominy SR5 Rock Bass (picked)
Spectrasonics Trilian (fingered and slap)
You can see Cubase visualization on youtube.

[2013-04-18] Main

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I decided to create some easy track with mainstreamish feeling, closer to popular styles. Only bass guitars are used here, Line6 Variax700 as usual. The piece is for 3 bass guitars. Len: 03:58

[2012-08-31] Ion Pulse Phasing Cloak Device

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When writing Ion Pulse Phasing Cloak Device, I was inspired by Steve Reich - Piano Phase. I decided to create Bass Phase or so, when several bass guitars will play the same melody at different speed. In my case I recorded melody at four different speeds, not two as in Piano Phase.

One important thing is that as in all previous recordings, all the bass guitars are live. I did not use processing to make guitar play faster or slower. This is why phasing sounds realistic. Also I did not use any delays, only reverberation.

The second part of the composition is octaving - only one note is used, but in different octaves.

The third part goes even further: only one note is used and only one octave, but four different bass guitars and different picking and fingering techniques. Here I also did not use delays to prevent mechanic sounding.

After all, different parts mix and the guitar plays inversion of the first bass part.

Guitars are semi-hollow Gibson ES-335 and Les Paul Line6 Variax700 Len: 03:13

[2012-08-17] The Wrong Time For Sleep

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When I started this song, I decided to make it more technical. I play more difficult slap here, than in most of previous songs. In the guitar part I created Highway Star-like lick.

In the song I mix three parts: slappy, chaosy and minimalistic. In the middle slap and minimalism meet together.

Chaos division was composed using classical quartet techniques on the paper first.

I really like the bass part of the minimalistic division. Minimalistic division resembles my Prometheus composition.

Guitar is Les Paul Line6 Variax700. Len: 02:49

[2012-07-21] Devil's Dreadnought

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This is the second and more heavy rock track. To achieve more heavy sound I used column-style composition and more heavy processing.

In this song I first record three-finger technique for fast part in the middle.

Guitar is Les Paul Line6 Variax700.

[2012-07-15] Escape From Prison

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This track was the first to be more rock in 3Bass project. I designed new rock sound processing with Guitar Rig and built more pentatonic and agressive melodic lines.

Guitar is Les Paul Line6 Variax700. Len: 02:21

[2012-07-09] Zombie weather

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In Zombie weather I first start to experiment with tempo, changing it in the intro.

For this song I composed several bass licks of Jaco Pastorius style with the help of A. Lavrov.

That is why I named the song, having weather for Weather Report.

I use 12-string Line6 Variax700 guitar for guitar parts. Len: 03:55

[2012-06-26] Disassemble

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In this track I further experimented with disassembling the music structure into stereo pieces.

I was inspired by Axis Quartet and combined complex jazz measure with classic measures.

I used Coral Sitar Line6 Variax700 for guitar part here. Len: 03:03

[2012-06-13] On the move

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This track was built totally with slides and a little vibrato. I can tell you that at the end of the recording I understood it was a little painfull :)

Here I decided to combine insistent bass part with relaxed guitar solo.

I used semi-hollow Gibson ES-335 Line6 Variax700 guitar for solo. Len: 03:26

[2012-06-10] Evolution

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This is the first 3Bass track to use a guitar. Here you can here 4 bass guitars and one guitar. I used Danelectro 3021 Line6 Variax700 here. Guitar part was improvisational.

The main idea of the track is building the music structure from separate pieces in the beginning.

We discussed the rough transition at the end of the first part with slides but finally decided to leave it for more rough effect. Len: 02:16

Comments by Morpeheus:

Немного не ложится гитарное соло. Слайды забавные, но в нескольких местах странновато звучит. Но не неприятно.

[2012-06-03] The Cell

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This track was the first for me to use a new recording technique with Sonar, which brought a much cleaner sound. Len: 01:36

[2012-05-28] Clean window

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Frankly speaking, the name of the song comes from my positive mood after the windows in my flat were cleaned. I love the introduting funky bass part very much.

There are 6 bass guitars simultaneously playing in this track.

In this track I first start my experiments with disassembling the music structure into pieces. Len: 02:09

[2012-04-22] Minimum

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There are 5 bass guitars playing simultaneously in this track!

I decided to first use minimalistic style without verse/chorus structure. Len: 02:09

[2012-04-13] Come to life

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This was the second track made in the project 3Bass. The first track Hello was too low quality and I decided not to bring it to public.

In Come to Life I use 3 bass guitars, one as drum machine (only slap, mostly muted), one for bass (fingered or slap) and one for distorted solo.

In youtube you can find the video of this track with me playing all the parts simultaneously. Len: 02:36

You can contact me by email: rualark at

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