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Elektro project is mainly collaboration with electronic music producers to create mix of electronic with real instruments.

[2015-01-26] Abiogenesis

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My first track with electronic and hybrid instruments. Thanks to Mikhail Dioxin for helping me with this track. Libraries used:

U-He Zebra (Synth)
Impact Soundworks - Celestia (Hybrid)
Impact Soundworks - Juggernaut (Hybrid)
Sample Logic - Morphestra (Hybrid)

[2014-07-23] Vakuum

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This is a track created by Frost Wyrm (using Fruity Loops) and me (Sample Modeling Oboe, Bassoon, Contrabassoon).

You can see Cubase visualization on youtube.

[2007-01-02] 5 Minutes Before You Awake

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This is very old track created by Frost Wyrm and me (Guitar)

You can contact me by email: rualark at

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